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Unveiling the Enigmatic Secrets of Haunted Ramoji Film City

Ghostly Legends

Ramoji Film City, one of the largest film studios in the world, has a spooky reputation due to the eerie stories and paranormal encounters shared by staff, visitors, and even celebrities who have filmed there.

Haunted Locations

Several spots within the film city have gained notoriety for their alleged supernatural activity. Among the most haunted places are the "Dil Se" set, the spooky railway station, and the "Action" set, where inexplicable events have been reported.

Unexplained Occurences

Numerous people have claimed to witness flickering lights, unexplained shadows, cold spots, and eerie apparitions while wandering through the various sets and backdrops of Ramoji Film City.

Cursed Locations

 Certain sets are said to be cursed due to accidents or tragic incidents that occurred during film productions. These tales have contributed to the spooky aura surrounding the film city.

Bungalow Myth

 The stories of a haunted bungalow within the premises add to the chilling atmosphere. It is believed that the spirit of a deceased actress roams the area, making it a subject of curiosity for thrill-seekers.

Night Time Thrills

As the sun sets, the ambiance in Ramoji Film City becomes even more spine-chilling. Night tours and ghost-themed events are organized, capitalizing on the haunted reputation of the location, drawing brave souls and paranormal enthusiasts alike. 2. 

Sketicism & Belief

While some visitors remain skeptical about the paranormal claims, others firmly believe in the existence of supernatural entities within the film city, making it a unique and mysterious destination for those seeking a taste of the spooky and mysterious.